Health and Safety

Before any work starts in your home, our operative will explain what works is required and how it may affect you and your home.

Before any work starts in your home, a Mears operative will explain what work is required to your property and how it may affect you and your home.

You must always take note of the following health and safety guidance while work is being carried out to your home.

Safety Barriers

We may erect barriers to stop you getting into rooms being worked on. If you need to enter these rooms, please ask the operative and they will protect your safety.

Agreement to Use

Operatives should not use your electricity, toilet, telephone or radio without your agreement.


To prevent accidents, please keep children away from all areas of work, including tools, material, rubbish, scaffolding and rubbish skips. We will not be able to carry out work in your home if children under the age of 16 are left unattended.


To avoid pets being hurt or getting trapped under floorboards (if lifted), please keep them away from work areas. If your pet is prone to attacking visitors or strangers, please ensure you secure or restrain the pet whilst contractors are working in your property.


Some improvement work will create dust but only for short periods of time.

Please follow our operative’s advice if they ask you to leave the immediate area for your and your family’s protection.

The workers ensure this is as little as possible. All areas of work will be cleaned up at the end of each day.


Noise may be emitted by our operative’s activities; this should be minimal. However, if this becomes a nuisance please inform our operative.

Watch your Step

To avoid tripping up or falling, please be careful when walking on dust sheets or things like rolled-up carpet, materials or trailing cables. Wherever possible, the operatives will try to provide a clear access around yourhome.

Electrical Work

Whilst electrical work is being carried out, do not use any sockets unless you have spoken to the electrician or Mears contact beforehand. All sockets will be left working at the end of each day.

Falling Objects

We may need to carry out work from ladders or scaffolding. During this work objects can fall accidentally so please take extra care when you are in the area where we are working including when you enter or leave your home to avoid serious injury or fatality.

Keep off Scaffolding and Ladders

A fall from scaffolding or ladder could have serious results. Please do not allow anyone including children onto any ladders or scaffolding.

Keep out of the Storage Compound

Operatives may have a site compound for storage and workers near your home. It’s usually a fenced-off area containing steel huts. Please keep children away from this compound.


To avoid serious injury, please do not touch or use any of the operatives’/ workers’ machinery or equipment – this includes hand and electrical tools.

Other Work

While improving your home, we may find that other unforeseen work is required. If this is the case, we’ll inform you how the work will affect you and do what we can to reduce any disruption or risk, this would include any removal of asbestos.