Nurseplus Services

Planning care

The steps to develop a service which is right for you:

  • Initial contact
  • Information sent out
  • Initial meeting and assessment
  • Costed options
  • Appraisal sent to client
  • Agreement of service to be provided
  • Implementation plan including a person centred care plan, a risk assessment, equipment sourcing and a multi-disciplinary team meeting
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Care package commences
  • Regular reviews

Our first meeting is about getting a clearer picture of the requirements of each client, we then prepare a detailed and fully costed care proposal. Once this is agreed, including all financial costs, the next step is to draw up a service plan and time line for implementation. This process engages with all of the professionals required to support the overall care package.

The implementation plan will include the following as required:

  • Drawing up a bespoke care plan and risk assessment process
  • Recruitment advertising for the team including nurses and support workers
  • Writing any policies and procedures specific to the client
  • Training programme for all the staff in the new team, involving the client and his/her family and other professionals involved in the case.

Once the team has received training they will be introduced to the client. This will be a gradual process, either by shadowing in the current environment or by specific visits to start building the partnership between the client and the team.

During the first few weeks we are in constant contact to ensure that every aspect of the support package is reviewed and modified where required to ensure the optimum outcome.

Once the new support package is fully operational, we remain in weekly contact and our management teams are available 24/7 to support the local client team if required.