Reablement Services

What is reablement?

Mears Care believe that as a provider of social care services we have a duty to work with local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to ensure that services are provided in a way that achieves the best outcomes for people to live as fulling and independent lives as possible. The provision of short term reablement care services that focus on providing intensive support to help people gain or regain independence is a key part of achieving this. 

Mears Care has a wide experience of working on short term, reablement services. These services are varied in the way they have been established, the extent of integrated working with other professionals and the referral routes. However, they all have in common, the aim to provide care and support in a manner that encourages and promotes independence rather than fostering increased dependence. 

All services are centred on achieving improvements to a person’s independence; enabling an individual to learn new skills or to relearn ones lost due to recent illness, injury, hospital admission or other changes to circumstances.

Within our reablement services Mears Care works in partnership with multi-disciplinary teams of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Doctors, Equipment providers, Social Workers and other social care staff. Mears Care have specifically trained teams of enablers who understand the ethos of reablement services and have the skills needed to work in a motivational way to achieve the goals identified.

Mears Care understand that reablement services provide individual people with improved wellbeing, but they have also proven to achieve positive outcomes in reducing demand on domiciliary care for local authorities now and in the future. We also support the notion that reabling care services do not need to be simply restricted to an initial 6 week window of time. The benefits of training staff in delivering on reablement care and emphasizing the importance of reablement can be realised in longer term care and support services as well.