Our Culture

Sharing values leads to shared success

Wearing the Mears badge carries a lot of responsibility. All Mears colleagues are bound by a common set of behaviours. We call this the Red Thread. It’s in our DNA and it helps us achieve more as individuals, as a team, and as a company.


The Five Red Thread Behaviours:

MOTIVATION: There are no limits; we can all reach our personal goals and aspirations. Individually and collectively we can deliver the services our customers expect a little bit better every day.

EMPOWERMENT: Great leaders aren't born, they grow. We urge you to take the initiative, take ownership and take responsibility, and support you every step of the way.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: It's very simple; we're here to serve. The success of Mears is built on 360-degree service and appreciating that the needs of clients and customers are complex and multi-dimensional.

ROLE MODELS: Everyone who represents the company is expected to lead by example, whether you're looking after vulnerable people or making sure the homes of elderly tenants are properly maintained.

HIGH STANDARDS: We set industry-wide standards and encourage everyone to work hard, present themselves well and keep raising the bar. If we do, success is guaranteed.