At Mears, service excellence starts with keeping all our promises we make to our customers, whether this is fixing a broken tap or providing first rate care and support services.  Service excellence means more than this though. We do work in some of the most socially deprived areas of the country and  we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards finding ways to improve the long terms prospects of the people who live in these communities.This philosophy has always been at the heart of Mears.

By engaging with our customers, we find ways of utilising our skills and experience to carry out community-based projects that will make a difference to the lives of the people we work alongside.

Our Approach to delivering Social Value

The concept of social value has long been embedded in Mears. We already have a strong reputation for delivering some great long term community and legacy projects. Known to many as Serving our Communities (SOC), our social value goal is clear:

“At the heart of Mears lays a strong sense of responsibility towards improving people’s lives. We are committed to achieving this by ensuring everyone we work with creates a greater value and wider benefits from an integrated Social Value approach.”

We strive to lead the way with Social Value, in the markets we operate, delivering lasting and meaningful outcomes, through POSITIVE community engagement projects and effective measurement.

We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the needs of our wider society and we have an absolute commitment to do so. To do this, we engage with our stakeholders and use our skills and experience on community-based projects that make a real difference to the lives of the people we work with. We plan to make it easy for everyone in Mears to get behind our goal, by creating awareness and understanding and providing the framework and tools needed for success.

Social value and social mobility lie at the heart of our business strategy and vision. They bind Mears’ employees to the culture and vision of the business.

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Minimising our Environmental Impact

A successful partnership with Network Waste has helped Mears to achieve 90% recycling rates and more than a 10% reduction in waste costs.

In order to achieve this we have invested in new compactors to reduce the cost of waste transportation, re-negotiated costs with suppliers and implemented better waste management processes.

We continue to be active in supporting a range of activities to help address fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions within the communities in which we work and this will remain a priority for us.

Investing in People

Mears has once again retained its Investors in People accreditation (IIP). We have held this accreditation since 1994. Our annual employee survey highlighted the pride our staff have in the business with staff morale being significantly ahead of that within the majority of UK businesses.

Social Mobility

Mears has been selected by the Government as one of just 12 Social Mobility Business Champions.

Social mobility is ‘a measure of how free people are to improve their position in society’, giving people equal chances in life, regardless of their background or so-called social standing.

As a Social Mobility Champion, we lead by example – employing people from all walks of life – and we have pledged to take the message out to other businesses across the country.

So how are we doing? We decided to survey our managers – click here to see the results…

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