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Local teen finds career success with a Mears apprenticeship

Local teen finds career success with a Mears apprenticeship

A local 17-year-old is not only scaling the ladder to career success but is hotly tipped to become one of the best tradesmen amongst his peers thanks to his dedication to his apprenticeship with Mears, working in partnership with North Lanarkshire Council.

Kyle McAdam of Carluke is embarking on the second year of his four-year apprenticeship with the company and has confidently overcome any challenges posed by the pandemic to become a rising star within the company.

Mears, which is dedicated to offering local people the first step onto the career ladder, has found a gem of talent within Kyle. His ‘can-do’ attitude and approach to his work and development to becoming a fully qualified joiner has far exceeded expectations but for Kyle, it’s come as second nature to him as he always believed his future lay in an apprenticeship.

“I had seen that Mears were recruiting apprentices in Lanarkshire to work in the local area and after finishing my exams, I applied for the opportunity. I had my first interview over the phone whilst I was on holiday – remember those? And, as I progressed through the various stages I was lucky enough to be offered a position on the same day my exams results came through. 

I wanted to get involved, learn to build things and launch my career. I knew that university or other routes were never going to be for me so I jumped at the chance to join Mears. They’re so well known in the area and it’s great that I get to live and work in the area I’ve known all my life.

Working life was going well for Kyle and then the Covid-19 pandemic came along. However, never one to rest on his laurels, Kyle continued to hone his joinery skills. When things got back to (somewhat) normality in August,Kyle was able to excel even further and put his skills to work on projects with Mears across the region.

“The great thing about my job is that it takes me all over North Lanarkshire and I get to do so many varied things. It’s good that I’m local and get to stay local. With Covid-19, we had to shift to more online learning with the college but I’m really grateful I can still get out there and work – get my hands stuck in and keep learning on the job.”

All of Mears’ apprentices across the country, are given a dedicated mentor to help support them on their journey. It’s their role to support and guide apprentices like Kyle and help them achieve their academic goals and career aspirations. When asked about Kyle, his colleague John MacFarlane said:

I’ve worked with Kyle since he started and you can tell instantly that he’s got so much natural talent. He’s always asking how things work or why things are done in a certain way – he’s incredibly keen and interested in learning as much as he can. He’s one of the best apprentices I’ve ever had and I have no doubt he will be a very skilled and confident tradesman.

Apprenticeships are an integral part of Mears’ philosophy and many senior figures within the business started as apprentices themselves.The company is also dedicated to the communities it operates in, so all apprentices, like Kyle, who complete all the requirements of their schemes are offered full-time positions with Mears.

“I work for a great company. I honestly think it’s the best training someone can get. When you compare it to some of my peers, it’s so much better. Every day I’m learning something new and I’m very passionate about staying with Mears and working towards not only completing my apprenticeship but working my way up within the company.

“Who knows, one day I might be hiring the next generation of apprentices in North Lanarkshire. And, for anyone considering an apprenticeship after leaving school, I highly recommend it. Find an opportunity you want to grab with both hands and go for it – follow your passion. You never know where it might take you.”